Monday, May 4, 2015

Final Post - IW Conference is done!

First I have to thank Dana for all her help.  She has spent hours with me talking and teaching me how to integrate technology into my classroom.  A huge thank you to Erin and Penny.  Your inspiration during our IW sessions was AMAZING!!  Oh my heck ladies, your knowledge and skill set inspired me to be the best teacher I could be.  A shout out to Marissa.  Visiting with you and seeing your student's work at Innovation Avenue helped me to bring new apps into my classroom so late into the year!  My students thank you!!  A gigantic THANK YOU to Suzanne and Sue.  My partners during the IW conference.  Both of you were so poised, prepared and knowledgable with your craft.

I left the IW conference being inspired to try new and exciting things in my classroom.  Even though it's almost been a year of IW, I still feel I'm using my tech tools separate from my teaching tools (if that makes sense).  When I plan a lesson I want to mesh my tech skills with my teaching skills.  I still think of technology as an "add on" rather than something to be used simultaneously with my teaching.  That's my goal for next year.

The IW conference was great.  I do hope to attend next year and do a better job keeping up with any assignments that I might have.  Thanks for your help everyone!!!  This truly has been a great opportunity to learn and grow my skills.

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