Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thoughts about Digital Writing and Teaching

It's fitting that I end my final assignment with this article about digital writing and teaching.  So many people are "afraid" of teaching with computers/technology.  I think the fear comes from the unknown of how to use the computers, what extensions, apps, and other techniques are available.  Then, there's the time involved learning how to use whatever extension desired.  Some teachers might say it's not worth using digital writing tools because the headache isn't worth it.  I totally understand that!!

Also, there's the "end in mind" when using technology.  What's the purpose of using digital writing tools?  I know in my earlier years of teaching with technology was making a powerpoint, publishing papers, or adding pictures to a report.  Crazy enough, I never really thought of technology as a "tool" to supporting students with their learning!!  (I know!)  Technology is a tool NOT a learning outcome.

I love the picture below that I took from the 13-14 IW website.  This explains it all --- technology is something to support learning, to support students, to support teachers.  People need to remember, technology is not the end in my when bringing it into the classroom!!

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