Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thoughts about: Literacy and Essential Skills: Why Digital Literacy is Crucial

This was an interest article and it's something I've been thinking about in my own classroom.  I understand the use of technology in the classroom needs to be purposeful.  Students need to see WHY they are doing what they're doing and HOW it benefits them as a learner.  First, we should expose technology to students in the classroom because if we don't (I agree with the article) our students will not be as tech savvy as other students.  The part that I'm struggling with, is the type of technology we have in our classrooms.  Older computers our students use cannot handle the applications/extensions being downloaded on their computers -- or my desktop computer at school.  It's great to learn about how tools can help our students but when the technology impedes the process of learning OR stops it completely because the computer shut down, got stuck, freaks out, etc., it not only frustrates the teacher from trying new technology in the classroom it frustrates the students.  UGH!  Yes, I get that eventually we will get Chromebooks in our classrooms, but what do we do until that happens?

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